Pastor Replacement Search


We are seeking a part-time pastor whose duties will include preaching weekly sermons and ministering to the sick, troubled, hospitalized, and house-bound. The pastor will moderate the session and participate in church activities.

Our congregation consists of about 100 members and affiliate members plus 25 friends of the church. Attendance at Sunday worship is about 75 persons including visitors to our resort community. Attendance is reduced during the winter months when many of us vacation in Florida.

We are housed in a former bank branch office that we purchased and converted in 2005. Among other improvements, we added a white steeple. We are located next to the only shopping mall in Fairfield Glade and enjoy a high degree of visibility.

Fairfield Glade is a resort and retirement community with five golf courses, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a wellness center, a recreational and banquet center, and a wide range of hiking trails and activities.